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Colon Health – What goes in doesn’t always come out…


Happy New Year!  
Let’s get the year started with a healthy tract, and with a clean slate.
That would be your healthy  digestive tract, and a clean colon 🙂
Years ago I learned that Grains are never fresh, whole, raw foods.  Their purpose is to sustain us in times of drought and famine, and the reason we are “addicted” to them is that they contain opiates.  WOW!
      I’ve found this to be true. White flour effectively turns to paste in your system and coats your intestinal walls causing irritation, burning, gas, constipation and other symptoms.  Colon Therapy is a gentle introduction of water to your system to re-hydrate and rinse away material that has been “baked” on and rejuvenate colon function.
      Dairy products offer the same results as grains.  We’ve all been told not to have dairy if we’re sick because it causes mucus buildup, right?   Anything that causes mucus to be produced in our bodies is considered a TOXIN.  Mucus production is the body’s method of protecting itself from danger.  Dairy causes mucus whether we are sick or not, our bodies are just  able to combat it more effectively when we’re in good health.  My question is, why should we be using our valuable energies to combat mucus?  I’d rather spend mine on Kayaking or biking or even cleaning my house,lol.  All that combat causes fatigue,are you sick and tired of being sick and tired? Colon Hydro-therapy can help you get back on your feet.  What about inflammation?   Inflammation comes in many forms, it’s not just a swollen ankle.  Inflammation is not an infection.  When our bodies are fighting any type of intruder ( toxin) its protective response is Inflammation.  In an acute situation, inflammation stimulates healing of a wound or infection.  In chronic situations ( long term or ongoing inflammation)  Inflammation is the cause of pain.  Whether that pain is in your back, or your big toe, it’s caused by some form of inflammation.    Cleansing your colon helps to eliminate the inflammation in your body and relieve chronic pain.  A clean colon inspires healthier function of all the bodies systems, liver, kidneys, lungs, tissue,etc. thus relieving inflammation.
     The safe and gentle introduction of water to your system through Colon Hydro-therapy dissolves  and rinses away the mucus that has harden on the walls of your colon, giving your colon renewed flexibility and tone.       I have seen in my personal practice, and that of others, that colon therapy improves flexibility and stamina, it offers clarity of thought and better sleep, you will look and feel more youthful as well.   When our bodily systems are functioning optimally they burn, and eliminate waste rather than storing it in our muscle tissue and fat cells.  Eliminating this waste improves circulation, respiration and brings more flexibility to our muscles and our minds.In 17 years as a colon therapist I have seen hundreds of people for colonics.  My advice, avoid dairy and  gluten, cleanse your colon, and stretch your body and your mind daily.
Kimberle Smith is a Licensed Massage and Colon Hydro-Therapist.  MA17575
Her office is at 240 Parnell Street, Merritt Island, FL, 32953. MM16158
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